Our Philosophy

More than just local

What makes the George and Dragon so special is that its source of inspiration, history, passion and produce comes from the owners family Estates, right on its doorstep, where food has been produced for more than 800 years. We grow and rear as much of our own produce as possible at our own gardens and surrounding fields at Askham Hall (where the owner Charles Lowther grew up) and is just a couple of miles from the George and Dragon. Our philosophy is that of sustainability, simplicity and taste and whatever we don’t grow or rear ourselves at Askham Hall, we ensure, when possible, that the rest of the fresh, seasonal produce we use is sourced from local suppliers and farmers within about 20 miles of the pub.


Charles Lowther, who had been looking for some time for the perfect location for a pub and restaurant to showcase the produce he rears, said: “I take huge pride in the quality of produce on my family estate and our gardens at Askham Hall and being able to offer people the opportunity to experience and enjoy all it has to offer is wonderful. It’s important for people to know where their food comes from and we can give them not only all the answers but also a place to experience the heritage of the area.”

He added: “And best of all it’s helping to support the local economy.” It’s not just the food that is locally sourced: the building materials used to restore the 18th century coaching inn all come from the surrounding area and everyone who helped create the pub as it is today are local.”